What is a Tasting Menu?

A 5 or 6 course meal, maybe with canapés as well, consisting of small dishes, eaten a course at a time.

You will have 2 chefs cooking alternate courses for you, in your kitchen. We bring plates and bowls to suit each course.

Why Isn't There an Actual Menu?

Because your tasting menu will be designed to your requirements. Perhaps you have a theme in mind, or you would like it to be seasonal, or just love fish. We will put it together after talking it through with you.

We are also happy to pair wines with your meal, and supply them if required.

What Does It Cost?

Typically £60 - £70 per person, for parties of 6 to 12 (12 being the maximum we can cook for in this manner). You will always receive a full quote before making a decision.

We don't serve coffee after the meal. We do clean down your kitchen completely, and leave everything pristine before we leave.

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