Dining Menu

I have put together a collection of my favourite dishes which I hope will appeal to you too. 

Six courses are listed below. You don’t have to choose from all of them! If you would like a traditional 3 course dinner that’s fine: however many courses you choose the amount of food served will be roughly similar.

For more information on Pricing see here, and my Prices page.

I will always bring a waitress for 8 or more diners. I may need to bring one for smaller numbers if the meal is complex, or on request.



 Cheese Beignet, Szechuan Pepper & Soy Dip (V)

Smoked Mackerel and Dill Paté 
on a mini oat cake

 Smoked Salmon Blini, Horseradish Cream, Quail Egg

 Hoisin Duck Parcel
with Pickled Cucumber and Pepper

 Belly Pork Cube with Bourbon Glaze (GF)
sour cream dip

canape - belly pork bourbon1

Pork Belly Cubes with Bourbon Glaze

duck parcel canapés 1

Hoisin Duck Parcels with
Pickled Cucumber and Pepper


Wild Mushroom Fricassee, Open Ravioli (V)

Aloo Tikki Bites, Ginger Tomato, Cardamom and Lime Yoghurt (V, GF)

Spinach Gnudi, Roasted Tomato and Sage Butter (V)
(gnudi is like gnocchi, but made with ricotta)

Seared Scallops, Pea Purée, Irish Black Pudding

Tandoori Scallops (GF)
Cauliflower Purée, Cauliflower Slices, Curry Oil 

Duck Rillette
Smoked Apple Purée, Brioche

Beef Brisket Croquette
Asian Slaw, Braised Pak Choi


Home-made bread is included as appropriate.

Spinach Gnudi


Spinach Gnudi, Roasted Tomato,
Sage Butter


Aloo Tikki Bites with Ginger Tomato

 scallops, cauli purée, curry oil

Seared Scallops, Cauliflower Purée,
Cauliflower Slice, Curry Oil

In Betweens

Deep Fried Macadamia Nut, Olive and Tomato Salsa Spoon (V, nuts)

Griddled Monkfish and Parma Ham on a Rosemary Skewer (GF)

Scallop Spoon (GF)
Cauliflower Purée, Raisin & Caper relish

Shaved Fennel, Blue Cheese, Fino Sherry reduction (GF, V)

Iced Vodka Gazpacho Shot (GF, V)



  canape - vodka_gazpacho

Iced Vodka Gazpacho Shots

monkfish and rosemary skewers

 Monkfish and Rosemary Skewers
on the griddle


Fillet of Venison in Treacle (GF)
caramelised leek and pearl barley risotto,
greens and chestnuts, whisky and mushroom sauce

Deconstructed Beef Wellington
fillet of beef, duxelle, puff pastry, Dauphinoise potato,
spinach and bacon, port and madeira jus

Slow-Braised Beef Blade (GF)
marinated in red wine, with star anise carrot,
suet and herb dumpling, creamed potato, wine reduction

Noisette of Lamb (GF)
Sweet Wine & Mint Reduction 
celeriac purée, shredded vegetable bundle, leek mousse

Pork Tenderloin in Sage & Serrano Ham (GF)
honey and Jerez vinegar apricot,
creamed potato, PX reduction


Cod Loin
bean purée, bean salad, confit tomato
sweet potato bread croute

Monkfish in Parma Ham (GF)
warm salad of chorizo, beans and lemon
herbed new potatoes

Tandoori Halibut (GF)
coconut and ginger sauce, masala mash

Baked Bream
served with crayfish sauce, broccoli purée,
and toasted almonds

I'm happy to prepare a separate main course from my Vegetarian Menu



 Pork Tenderloin, Serrano Ham,
Sage, Macerated Apricot

monkfish, chorizo and beans


Monkfish in Parma Ham, warm salad
of chorizo, beans and lemon

halibut and broccoli with shrimp sauce 

Baked Bream, Crayfish Sauce
and Broccoli Purée


Pickled Watermelon, Basil and Feta Skewer (GF, V)

Lime and Mango Sorbet Shot (GF, V)

Lemon and Mint Sorbet Shot (GF, V)

Dawa Sorbet Shot (GF, V)
vodka, lime and mint

 watermelon and feta1

Pickled Watermelon,
Basil and Feta Skewers


Please choose from my Dessert Menu

GF - gluten free
nuts - contains nuts
V - vegetarian

Please see advice on Allergens