Gift Vouchers

If you would like to give 'Cook With The Chef' or 'Dining At Home' service as a present, I will supply a Wild In The Pantry gift voucher for any amount you choose, with wording of your choice. These can be posted to yourself or direct to the recipient and are normally valid for 6 months from date of purchase.

If you buy a gift voucher for a specific purpose (e.g. a 3 hour lesson) then I will honour that even if my prices rise.

Please note: my experience is that although you might think it is a fantastic idea to buy someone a surprise cookery coaching voucher, the intended recipient does not always think the same way as you! Please discuss (however subtly) with the recipient before buying a gift voucher, as they are not refundable (although they can be exchanged for another service of equivalent value).

 Payment can be made:
- in cash
- by cheque (payable to Wild In The Pantry, phone me for my address)
- by Paypal (find me using my mobile number on the contact page), but they charge me 5% which I will pass on to you
- direct to my bank account (phone me for details)