Personal Chef

Once we've discussed what you want I will calculate a price for your meal, including all additional charges, and ask you to confirm it is acceptable. 

You can if you wish choose to set a budget, in which case I will do my best to design a menu around that.  My minimum price per head for a 3 course meal (Casual Dining Menu) is £29.

Before paying your deposit please note the following requirements on the day, whether or not you are having waitress service:
  • please ensure the table is set before mealtime (I can advise what is required for the meal)
  • please ensure the kitchen is reasonably tidy (not spotless!), the dishwasher has been emptied, and there is no washing up in the sink
  • please ensure sufficient clear workspace is available for me to work
  • please leave one shelf free in the fridge
  • please ensure there is parking for one vehicle, with easy access to the kitchen
  • please ensure pets can be kept out of the kitchen
  • please ensure you have sufficient crockery and cutlery available

Waitress Service

I can supply a waitress service for dinner parties and other functions. For meals for 8 or more, waitress service is included in the price I quote you.

Service levels are as follows:

Chef Service I will serve the meals, clear the table, load the dishwasher with crockery and cutlery. Kitchen equipment, utensils and surfaces will be left as they were before arrival. Service finishes once desserts are served. Up to 7 diners.
Included in price
Waitress Service The waitress will serve the meal, clear the table, and load the dishwasher. Your kitchen equipment, utensils and surfaces will be left as they were before arrival. Service finishes once desserts are served and cleared. Glasses are not cleared because you will still be drinking.
Approx. £50, if not already included (could be more depending on travel time)
Full Service The waitress will serve the meal and drinks, and clear the table. Washing up of crockery and cutlery will be done as required, including loading the dishwasher if available. Your kitchen equipment, utensils and surfaces will be left as they were before arrival. Service finishes once the meal (including tea, coffee and cheese if appropriate) and washing/loading is complete. Glasses are not cleared because you will still be drinking.
Approx. £40 on top of waitress service


I can usually supply waiters/waitresses (usually the latter) for your party or function. However this depends on the distance I am travelling, and the length of time you require service. I cannot bring more than 2 waitresses if travelling more than an hour, and I have to take them home with me!

The usual cost for 2 hours canapé service is around £50, depending on distance travelled.

Travel Expenses

If I need to travel more than 15 miles one way to your home or cottage then I charge for the full distance travelled at 25p per mile . See example charges below. I am based in the village of Colne, near St. Ives, Cambridgeshire.

My maximum travelling distance for a single day trip is about 1 1/4 hours each way. That's 50-60 miles each way.

Sample travel charges, total for outward plus return journey:

Bedford £15
Cambridge (central) no charge
Ely no charge
Huntingdon no charge
Kings Lynn £25
Milton Keynes £25
Northampton £25
Peterborough £12
St. Ives, Cambs no charge









 If parking charges are incurred they are also chargeable - parking must be provided for me at or very close to the venue.

Bookings & Payment

I will require a deposit to secure the date for any booking. This is usually £50, or £100 for functions over £500 in total. The deposit provides us both with a "contract", part covers my ingedient expenses, and goes a small way to cover my loss of earnings should you need to cancel.

Completion of payment is due on provision of services, i.e. on the day.

Payment can be made:
- in cash
- by cheque (payable to Wild In The Pantry)
- direct to my bank account (speak to me for details)

For company payments please advise your payment terms before booking. As a small business I rely on reasonable cash flow.