Dinner Party Menu

I have put together a collection of my favourite dishes which I hope will appeal to you too. I can of course vary ingredients to suit your dietary requirements. You can add dishes from my Vegetarian Menu, and mix and match starters and mains with my Casual Dining menu. Please note it is usual for everyone to have the same meal, although I can do up to 2 choices for 2 courses providing the kitchen facilities are suitable.

If there are 7 or more people dining then waitress service will be provided, you can choose your level of service here. Waitress service is optional for 6 or fewer diners. For complex menus I may need to bring a waitress for a smaller number anyway.

The cost for a 3 course dinner (excluding canapés) from the menu below will typically be £35-£40 per person, assuming all diners have the same options.

Take a look at my Prices page for an indication of any mileage charges, choose your dishes, and I will then give you an all-inclusive quote.

Pre-Dinner Canapés and Amuse Bouche

Deep Fried Macadamia Nuts, Olive and Tomato Salsa Spoons (V)

Cheese Beignets with a Spiced Soy Dip (V)

 Smoked Mackerel and Dill Paté (NF) (cold)
on mini oat cakes

Smoked Salmon Blini with Quail Egg (NF)
with horseradish cream

Beetroot Smoked Salmon on Latke, with Smetana (NF, GF)
sweet mini celeriac and potato gratins, with sour cream and yoghurt

 Monkfish Rosemary Skewers (NF, GF)
marinated in rosemary, garlic and lemon juice,
wrapped in prosciutto, and griddled

 Mini Hoisin Duck Parcels with Pickled Cucumber and Pepper (NF)

Mini Yorkshire Pudding, Seared Sirloin, Mustard Mayo (NF)

 Belly Pork Cubes with Bourbon Glaze (NF)
served with a sour cream Dip

 Tuscan Chicken Livers and Fried Sage Leaf on Mini Bruschetta (NF) (cold)

or choose from my regular Canapé Menu

 Amuse Bouche

Lime and Mango Sorbet Shot (V, NF, GF)

Lemon Sorbet Shot (V, NF, GF)

Dawa Sorbet Shot (V, NF, GF)
Vodka, Lime and Mint

Iced Vodka Gazpacho Shot (V, NF, GF)
a twist on the classic cold soup, in a shot glass

or designed to order to suit your meal


 canape - olive_salsa_fried_macadamia

Deep Fried Macadamia,
Olive and Tomato Salsa Spoons

canape - belly pork bourbon1

Pork Belly Cubes with Bourbon Glaze

canape - vodka_gazpacho

Vodka Gazpacho Shots


Hand-Made Potato Gnocchi
with Butternut Squash and Wild Mushrooms
(NF, V)
finished with cream and sage

Open Ravioli with Wild Mushroom Fricassée (NF, V)
Hand-made pasta layered with a rich mushroom and spinach fricassée
with cream, 
tarragon, brandy and soy sauce

Aloo Tikki Bites, Ginger Tomato, Cardamom and Lime Yoghurt (V, GF, NF)
Spiced mashed potato with a crispy gram flour coating
- an Indian style starter with a difference

Hoisin Duck Parcel (NF, DF)
shredded confit duck bound with hoi sin, chilli and spring onions,
wrapped in filo pastry, with sweet and sour minted cucumber salad

Salad of Seared Duck Breast (GF, NF, DF)
with mango salsa and oriental salad
(pak choi, spring onions, toasted seeds
with soy and balsamic dressing)

Beef Brisket Croquette, Asian Slaw
slow-cooked shredded brisket, cooked in star anise and soy,
rolled and fried in panko breadcrumbs, with a crunchy Asian

Smoked Haddock Scotch Duck Egg (NF)
half duck egg bound with smoked haddock, breadcrumbed,
and served with lightly curried mayonnaise and baby leaf salad

Seared Scallops with Black Pudding and Pea Purée (NF)
king scallops with Irish black pudding on a bed of minted pea purée, 
drizzled with Jerez vinegar dressing
[Southerners may elect for pancetta instead of black pudding]


More starter choices are on my Vegetarian Menu

 Seasonal soups available on request

gnocchi squash mushrooms

 Hand-Made Gnocchi, Squash
and Wild Mushrooms


Aloo Tikki Bites with Ginger Tomato

 smoked haddock scotch duck egg

 Smoked Haddock Scotch Duck Egg, 
with Curried Mayonnaise


Main Courses

Fillet of Venison* (GF, NF)
on a caramelised Leek and Pearl Barley risotto
served with whisky and mushroom sauce

Deconstructed Beef Wellington (NF)
fillet of beef served with duxelle of mushrooms,
spinach and smokey bacon potato cake,
buttered greens, port gravy, puff pastry lid

Slow-Braised Blade of Beef (NF)
8oz featherblade, marinated overnight in red wine, slow-cooked until very tender,
served with star anise glazed carrot, suet dumpling, and creamy mash

Noisette of Lamb with a Sweet Wine Reduction
served on a bed of celeriac purée, with shredded vegetable bundle

Cannon of Lamb with a Herb Crust
served on a bed of lentils cooked with smoked pancetta, 
white wine, herbs de provence and lavender
[contains anchovies - can be omitted on request]

Slow-Roasted Pork Belly (GF, NF)
with crisp crackling, marinated with thyme, lemon zest 
and fennel seeds, on a bed of apples cooked with sage and ouzo, 
served with fondant potato, roasted squash and mange tout

Pork Tenderloin, Serrano Ham, Sage, and Macerated Apricot (GF, NF)
rounds of wrapped pork fillet, honey and sherry vinegar apricots
served with crushed potato, samphire and greens

Chicken Supreme with Cider, Leek and Mustard Sauce (GF, NF)
served with fresh tagliatelle

Fillet of Sea Bass with Seafood and Saffron Sauce (GF, NF)
with a sweet potato rosti

Cod Loin with Aubergine Ratatouille
prime cod, chargrilled Mediterranean vegetables in a rich sauce

for a full selection of vegetarian options, 
see my Vegetarian Menu

GF = Gluten Free
NF = Nut Free
SS = contains Sesame Seeds

Please refer to my advice on allergens.


Please ask if you would like a 4 or 5 course meal or tasting menu,
and I will put a menu together according to your requirements.


beef blade 1

Slow-Braised Blade of Beef


 Pork Tenderloin, Serrano Ham,
Sage, Macerated Apricot


Please choose from my Dessert Menu